Harry Chapin’s Legacy 30 Years On!

This Saturday, July 16th will be the 30th anniversary of Harry Chapin‘s death. We so miss him. Harry Chapin was someone we got close to knowing and seeing in concert many times, at his Broadway play, and during the recording of Verities and Balderdash at Paul Leka’s recording studio in Bridgeport, CT.

The remarkable aspect about Harry Chapin was that he would always find the time to talk to you. I interviewed Harry Chapin several times in my music journalism career. He was always friendly, open, candid, a delight to converse with about topics. Harry educated me about many aspects of life I was not as aware of as he instinctively was such as the definition and impact of loneliness, the severity of the world hunger crisis, the art of poetry, folk music and story song writing.

Harry’s energy and never ceasing activism took on a life of its own. 30 years later the impetus involving Harry captivates new as well as existing generations.  The Harry Chapin Foundation embraces Harry’s legacy as do the ongoing efforts of the Chapin family and Long Island Cares (The Harry Chapin Food Bank).

Please read about and help support the proposed  Harry Chapin postage stamp, A new push for a Harry Chapin postage stamp!

For all his work promoting social justice…Harry Chapin deserves a stamp!

The proposed Harry Chapin postage stamp, unveiled on July 11, 2011

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